Pain Management Treatment St. Louis

MD Pain Solutions utilizes a safe and effective treatment for patients who suffer from any form of neuropathy. our clinic protocol was developed by Dr. Robert Odell and consists of treatment with low dose local anesthetic blocks combined with a highly advanced electro-medical device. This device is much more advanced than common TENS devices with which many patients may be familiar. It operates with such a high degree of sophistication that nerves are not able to accommodate to the signals, or “learn” and regress. This protocol is called the Combined Electrochemical Treatment (CET); we are signaling nerve cells with electronic impulses instead of smothering them with drugs which have side effects. The technique enables the nerve cells to heal in a majority of cases; the results achieved will usually not regress.

Although the treatment is a process which must be done over weeks, many of our patients with >10 years of suffering from neuropathy have enjoyed significant improvement. Many have discontinued use of walking aids, begun meaningful exercise, and stopped taking pain medications. Many are able to sleep better, walk much better by seeing balance problems go away, and realize an amazing improvement in their quality of life.

One patient claims “After receiving this treatment I no longer suffer from sleep problems due to leg pain and my mobility and overall quality of life has improved by 80%.”

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