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Non-Surgical Pain Management for the Low Back, Neck, Knees and Feet.

Back Pain

Back Pain Doctor St. Louis

Learn about the Spinal Regeneration Program, which is the non-surgical solution for low back, leg pain as well as numbness.


Pain Management St. Louis MO

Experiencing numbness or tingling in your toes, feet, ankles, or legs? Learn more about how we diagnose and treat neuropathy.

Knee Pain

Knee Pain Doctor St. Louis

Suffering from chronic knee pain? Learn more about what may be causing your discomfort as well as treatment moving forward.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Doctor St. Louis

Waking up every morning with neck pain? Learn more about the possible causes of your pain as well as common treatment options.

Success Rate


Percent of patients treated effectively without the need for surgery.

The people that come to us are generally frustrated by undergoing treatment that hasn’t helped or hasn’t provided lasting relief, many are scared that they may end up in surgery that won’t work and most are just plain tired of the pain interfering with their life.

We have successfully treated many thousands of people with 85+% success, many who had previously thought there was no hope. Treatment is safe and effective without the risks and complications associated with surgery or the prolonged use of drugs.

Prevent Surgery

  • Prevent Back Surgery

  • Prevent Neck Surgery

  • Prevent Knee Surgery

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